We are an herbal product company

Through a network of partners like you we produce and market high demand, herbal and niche products. We put our affiliates first. With weekly payouts, support forums, a robust stats system, and medically endorsed products that have universal and global appeal, you’ll maximize your dollar when promoting our products.


Since 2001 we have paid out millions of dollars to partners just like you. We know how to make your traffic convert. Partner with us today and we will change your life.

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Big Payouts

Get paid $50 to $300 per sale, we have the highest payouts in the industry if you find someone paying more we will match it.

Powerful Stats

Our stats system is state of the art, after 20 years of working with affiliates we know what features you want.

Great Conversions

We make every click count, our average conversion is better than 1:25. Maximize the profit from your traffic with us.

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    Get Paid Your Way

    We offer weekly payouts via, check, wire, direct deposit, PayPal, Payoneer or Bitcoin. And no minimum check amounts.

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    Credit For All Sales

    You get credit for sales no matter how you refer them. Website, mail, fax, you always get credit for your referred sales. Even re-orders

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    No Refunds or Chargebacks

    We absorb all refunds and chargebacks. You never have to worry about losing a sale once it’s made.

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    Weekly Payouts

    There’s no reason to wait for your money. Receive your money each Friday. Payment methods include Check, Wire and Paypal.

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    Custom Content

    Banners, popups, full page ads, even entire websites. Our in-house professional designers are available free of charge to all our affiliates.

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    24 Hour Support

    We are available 24/7 to assist you, via phone, chat, email even text message.

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    Sizepro Ultra

    Sizepro Ultra is our once day male enhancement pill. It contains an amazing combination of hand-picked ingredients, making Sizepro the best enhancement pill on the market

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    Sizepro Payout

    We pay you 50% of each order, up to $122 per sale. You get full credit for all future orders from the customers you refer.

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    Climinax Ultra

    Climinax Ultra is the leading premature ejaculation pill. Climinax is a combination of clinically studied ingredients that helps men last longer in bed.

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    Climinax Payout

    We pay you 50% of each order, up to $122 per sale. You get full credit for all future orders from the customers you refer.

Visit Climinax.com


We accept wholesale partners on a case-by-case basis. Here’s what we are looking for:

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    Long term partners and individuals who want to help build our brands in to the future.

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    Honest truthful selling practices.

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    Minimum order of 100 units or more.


Purchase any of our products in bulk at low wholesale pricing for your online store or retail outlet.

Private Labeling

We can create custom formulations in liquids, pills, capsules, sprays, powders, gels, lotions, lubes. patches and more. We can recreate an existing formula or work with you to develop a unique product targeted toward your specific needs

Drop Shipping

Hold no inventory. We will ship your orders directly to your customers and send you tracking details for each package.

Frequently Asked Questions

We pay every Friday. There is no waiting for your money like other programs.
We can send you check, wire, direct deposit, PayPal, Payoneer or Bitcoin.
Yes you do. Our powerful stats system tracks all return customers and gives you credit for all upsells and orders, including mail, fax, and phone.
You can contact us 24 hours a day using a variety of methods please check out our contact us page for more information
Our company has been in business for over 18 years, the WebmasterLife affiliate program has been online for 10 years. We have extensive experience with online marketing, product development and manufacturing.
No, we do not allow bulk emailing of any kind. If you have “Opt In” lists, please contact us before mailing to them. We accept traffic of all kinds generated through legitimate legal methods.